Entrepreneurship Chamber

The project for entrepreneurship chamber of schools is a practical approach to promoting the entrepreneurship for schools. This plan has been prepared by the preset of attaining the skills necessary by students to enter them into the business market. On the other hand, it encourages students to attain new ideas using their skills and be provided with alternatives and strategies to turn it to a product for supplying to the market.

For importance of holding such projects in the school, it must be stated that making creative thinking and developing the managerial capabilities for improving and initializing the new ideas among students provide them with this possibility to be encouraged for discovering and knowing their capabilities to enter the entrepreneurship market. On the other hand, they can guarantee their future not only in a business but also in a new entrepreneurship.

According to its objectives and missions, i.e. Development of Entrepreneurship Culture, The Entrepreneurship Development Foundation for Women & Youth held such plan for the first time in Iran; this plan has yet been held in Gaen, Yazd and Mohammadshahr, Karaj school.


Main Goals of this Plan

1-       Distributing the entrepreneurship culture in the schools and encouraging the students to enter the entrepreneurship process and making new businesses;

2-       Assisting to detect and discover the entrepreneurship talents among students;

3-       Helping to prepare a creative thinking and fostering new ideas by entrepreneurship approach and directing the students towards business.


Along with, this foundation has since implemented theproject of entrepreneurship chamber of Gaen schools, Entrepreneurship Chamber of Imam Sajad Female Art School of Karaj, Entrepreneurship Chamber of Males BanooZokaee Art School,Yazd, Males Science and Industry School of Karaj, and Birjand High schools.


-          Entrepreneurship Chamber of Gaen (since 2009)

Activities and Achievements:

  • Providing the conditions of training for more than 500 students in 6 schools;
  • Concluding a technical and professional MOU for training the entrepreneurship;
  • Liaison with Student’s Researching Institute of Imam Reza for establishing an Entrepreneurship Chamber;
  • Holding three exhibitions and selling the business works of students (2011, 2012,2013)


-          Entrepreneurship Chamber of Females School of Imam Sajad, Mohammad Shahr, Karaj (2012)

Activities and Achievements:

  • Providing the training for 320 students;
  • Holing an exhibition for business works of students (2012).


-          Entrepreneurship Chamber of Males School of BanooZokaee, Yazd (2012- 2013)

Activities and Achievements:

  • Implementing the promotional training plan for 350 students;
  • Taking action to establish a fund for supporting the students ideas;
  • Holding 8 complementary training workshops by subjects of: basics of entrepreneurship, creativity and finding the ideas, preparing a business plan and reporting and documentation;
  • Establishing an office for Entrepreneurship Chamber;
  • Preparing 42 ideas and providing the bed for turning it to a business plan;
  • Holding an exhibition for business works of students (May, 2013).


-          Males Science and Industry School of Karaj (2013)

This project is currently running for 30 trainees and there has been yet held 4 training workshops for students.